Rouss City Hall renovation project is on hold

The city did not receive any construction bids to be able to move forward

WINCHESTER, Va. - The city issued an invitation for general contractors to bid to renovate Rouss City Hall.

A bid opening was held last Friday but, the city did not receive any proposals.

"We were very disappointed, obviously, because this has been something that has been in the planning stages for the city for over a year now," said Eden Freeman, city manager.
So, why did the city not receive any bids?
"What we were hearing from some of the potential bidders who had attended our mandatory pre-bid meeting was that they simply couldn't get the subcontractors to work with them," Freeman said.
City officials were hoping to start the construction phase of the project this May.
"Obviously that's not gonna happen now," Freeman said. "Most likely, it will take another 60-90 days to get the proposals out, received proposals in, evaluate them and select a bidder."
The last time city hall was renovated was back in 1986, and officials say it's time for upgrades.
"We have a very old heating and cooling system that, obviously, we have issues with that needs to be repaired and replaced," Freeman said.
Officials say once construction begins, the project will take a little more than a year to complete.


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