Self-marriage movement growing in popularity

It's called 'sologamy'

WINCHESTER, Va. - There's a new relationship trend on the rise where people are tying the knot to themselves. 
It's called "sologamy" or "self-marriage."
It is a growing trend among people who are happy being single but also want to be married, so they put a ring on themselves! 
"It's a form of celebration -- getting reunited with yourself," said David McLaughlin, sologamy expert.
Thirty-seven-year-old Erika Anderson made a formal commitment to the love of her life: herself.
"To me, self-marriage is an opportunity to look at the quality of our relationship with ourselves, which I think is something everyone can and maybe should do," said Anderson.
She had a perfect wedding with all the traditional bits and pieces, such as a dress, the New York City Skyline and friends all around; the only thing missing was a groom.
Anderson said she would get asked about being single, and people made her feel as if she was running out of time.
"We start to treat dating like it's some kind of logic problem or math; if you do this, then you'll get that. I don't think that has anything to do with love," said Anderson.
According to experts, in the eyes of the law, self-marriage is not an official marriage, rather it's a promise you make to be true to yourself.
"There's no legality to it. It's not like people are legally marrying themselves. There are no documents that are recorded in the clerk's office or anything like that. It's just a celebratory kind of thing," said McLaughlin.
With self-marriage becoming a growing movement, consultants and self-wedding planners are also popping up all across the world.

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