Teens Night Out hosted by Winchester Police

Allowing officers and teens to establish relationships while having fun

WINCHESTER,Va - The Winchester Police Department sponsors Teen Night Out at the Youth Development Center in Winchester. The night out includes basketball, pool, video games and free food. the night was organized to help grow the relationship between police officers and those in the community, and it has been something that both the teens
and the officers have learned from and now look forward to. 
"What made me most comfortable is them interacting with us, most times people don't expect you to hang out with cops," said Quentin Davenport, attendee of Teen Night Out.
"Being able to interact with the local police departments and police officers helps the community, shows that theres good community relations, so something like this is fantastic," says Officer Aaron Cave of the Winchester Police Department.
Officer Chaz Niang has been apart of the program ever since its start over a year ago, and says the best part is being able to watch them grow. The night out has allowed him to develop lasting relationships with the teens and their families. 
"Knowing that they can come talk to us that theres not this barrier that needs to be always up in between us and the community, we're not just a uniform, we're people too, so we enjoy the interaction," says Officer Niang.  
Each week the group gets bigger and the teens know not to make plans for Thursday nights. 
"My friends in there its like we all shoot the same text, ysc at six, so it's kind of become a thing every Thursday," Davenport says. 
Some of the teens aspire to be basketball stars, or one day want to be police officers like their new friends.

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