Virginia business owners 15 year wish comes true

Gregorys Lakeside bait & tackle a dream come rue

"Its a god send as far as , i feel it is because its still will give me a lively hood, and I won't have to do the construction work, so its really helped," Sanner says.
Sanner, a longtime tournament fisherman, acquired the shop after the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries refused to extend the previous owners lease. He gets to work alongside his supportive family and one of his closest friends. Sanner met Jeffrey Wolf in 2011 and they immediately bonded over their love for fishing and the lake. Six years later they're working together and consider themselves brothers.
"It's awesome, hopefully we'll get sometime to fish together, it'll probably be out here. So its a good thing," said Jeffrey Wolf, Gregory's Lakeside Bait and Tackle.
Sanner who has long worked in construction hopes that he and his wife can make this their retirement job, although it doesn't feel much like work since he loves it so much. He shares his story and message with many who come to the lake. 
"You got to keep pursuing what you want to do and its out there eventually, it just takes time to get it, some longer than others but you'll get there if you keep trying it'll work out," says Sanner.
And Gregory Sanner is living proof that a dream deferred doesn't have to mean a dream denied.

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