Waynesboro Man Faces Felony Charges in Walmart Thefts

- FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. - A Waynesboro man is facing felony charges following a string of thefts from a local Walmart in Franklin County. 

Washington Township Police said they filed charges against William Rook, 45, on Wednesday. He's charged with a felony count of retail theft for stealing merchandise valued at $1,872.33 over the course of 24 incidents, officers say. 

Earlier this year in March 2014, a caller reported to police of an ongoing retail theft scheme at Walmart-Rouzerville along Washington Township Blvd. that had been occurring since October 21, 2013. 

The caller reported Rock would go to the self check out, and scan a small number of items, cover the unscanned items with bags, and leave the store without paying for all of the merchandise. 

After completing an investigation, Rook was subsequently arrested. 

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