Weekend Storm Leaves Widespread Damages

- WHAG NEWS - Major cleanup was underway Monday across the four-state region after a severe storm swept through the area. 

In Inwood, W.Va., high winds tore the roof right off a building at Beaver's Towing. The storm also caused a lot of damage to the property owner's yard. 

"It took the rood off my building, tore my fence down, my cows got out. It just destroyed it," said Archie Sims. 

This building was newly built. The owners said they hope to have it back up and running in the next few months. 

Damage was similar in Hagerstown, Md., where high winds snapped several limbs off trees. Some of those limbs fell on power lines but fortunately the homeowners did not lose power. 

"We got a call after the play that they believe a tornado had come through and had to come home, so by the time we got home it was real dark and we couldn't really see except for the power lines. We were already warned not to come through," said Alycia Tafoya. 

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