UPDATE: Thomas Shepherd's Grist Mill sold to highest bidder

When all was said and done, the property was sold for $365,000

Thomas Shepherd's Grist Mill is officially off the market, as a crowd of people stood by to watch Tuesday’s auction.
The bidding took place in Charles Town in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse starting at $275,000.
After a few minutes, the water mill was sold to two gentlemen from Martinsburg: Tripp Spaur and Steve Cunningham.
When all was said and done, the property was sold for $365,000.
The only other bidder was the Mayor of Shepherdstown, Jim Auxer, who said he has mixed feelings about the property being sold.
"I’m a little disappointed, but I’m optimistic that the person will work with the town to do what’s necessary to keep its historical significance,” said Mayor of Shepherdstown, Jim Auxer.
The water mill was owned by Patrinka Kelch until she passed away.
One building in Shepherdstown is back on the auction block after its foreclosure sale was rescheduled to this Tuesday.
Thomas Shepherd's Grist Mill will be up for auction in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse at 1 p.m. on Tuesday.
The sale is being handled by Wells Fargo, which Jefferson County Sheriff Pete Dougherty said is the largest creditor involved in the sale.
Last month, the bank received an offer on the property but declined, resulting in another auction.
The mill was owned by Patrinka Kelch until she passed away.
"It’s a great piece of property, and we'd love to have someone that gets it and uses it effectively. The city has tried to make some offers, and there are some private individuals who have made some offers,” said Jefferson County Sheriff Pete Dougherty.
Dougherty said that the property is very unique to the area, so there's no telling who will show up to bid at Tuesday’s auction.
Shepherdstown Council members are deciding if bidding on the historic Shepherd's Mill is the right move for their town.
The grist mill was built by Thomas Shepherd in the 18th Century.
Now, council members are discussing if they will begin the bidding process on the landmark.
A committee is weighing many factors including the potential cost to the town, not only to purchase the mill but also to maintain it.
Officials said the purchase price of the mill could be more than $700,000.
"The main purpose of the committee is to examine the pros and cons of bidding on the building,” said Mark Everhart, member of the council. “We want to look at future uses for the building as well as the cost associated with those uses."
If the committee does purchase the mill, they hope to open it up for public use. 
The auction held for a historic water mill in Shepherdstown was canceled Tuesday.
The auction was supposed to determine the fate of the Thomas Shepherd's Grist Mill this afternoon at the Jefferson County Courthouse.
But the Jefferson County Sheriff tells us it was canceled, because the bank received an offer for the water mill.
It has not been determined whether the bank has accepted that offer, or if there will be another auction at a later time.
The water mill was owned by Patrinka Kelch up until she passed away.

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