Charles Town Police looking for more patrol officers

The department is currently looking to fill three positions

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - The Charles Town Police Department is looking for new bodies, as it’s currently down three patrol officers.
Chief Chris Kutcher said the force has 15 officers when fully staffed. Right now, they’re getting by with 12 on the streets.
He said despite the drop in manpower, things have been flowing very well, and they’ve changed shift coverage accordingly. They’ve also been asking outside agencies for additional help when needed.
Those looking to apply to fill one of the vacant spots in the department have until July 21 to submit an application. Starting salaries range from $41,267 to $42,299.
“Guys have been stepping up. We’ve changed some of our shift coverage, and we’re paying the overtime,” Kutcher explained. “The guys seems to like that a little bit, but I want to caution [against] that, because I don’t want to overwork them.”
The department will start screening candidates on July 29, one week after the application deadline.

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