'Get a Life' assignment helps students learn financial stability

Eighth-graders participate in a personal finance simulation

GERRARDSTOWN, W.Va. - In every school, students learn the basics, math, language arts, science and social studies, but what about doing their taxes or financial planning?
On Friday, eighth-graders at Mountain Ridge Middle School were able to participate in a personal finance simulation.
The program was called "Get a Life," and they were given a fictional job and salary.
Students had to figure out how to balance their budget each month.
Teachers involved with the program said that after the assignment, the students have a better understanding for how expensive life can be.
"[What we're trying to convey is] realizing their wants vs. their needs [as well as] realizing how much money it takes to survive and make a living,” said Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Liz Vannoy.
This is the third year that the students have been participating in the "Get a Life" program.

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