Hedgesville Mayor Announced

Mary Ann Keller Pile is officially the new mayor of Hedgesville


The election results are finally in for Hedgesville. More than a week after elections, a mayor has officially been named.

Mary Anne Keller Pile, a former councilwoman, is the new mayor after five provisional votes held up the official election announcement. The council canvassed the votes on Monday and waited 48 hours to certify the votes. Officials say two of the five provisional votes were counted, giving Pile a total of 23 votes.

Pile says she is focused on bringing the town together for success.

She shared, “I would like to put myself out there a little bit more to listen to whatever they need. The community needs and what the community wants, and with the help of the new council  I think that we can get some things done'

Pile is following after long term mayor Mary Sue Catlett who is also her neighbor. She says the two women get along and will be collaborating in the future.

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