Jefferson County Commissioners hear Charles Town utility proposal

Charles Town is proposing to take the assets of the PSD for convenience

The Jefferson County Commissioners met today to hear a controversial proposal from Charles Town.
Charles Town is proposing to consolidate three utility districts into one for the efficiency and convenience of the Jefferson County residents.
Currently, people in Charles Town, Ranson and Public Service Districts pay three different rates for utilities.
Residents are concerned, because of the disparities in their bills, while those who work for these utility companies are concerned about their job security.
One resident said she thinks there’s a decision that can make every one happy.
“The County Commission and the Charles Town Utility Board have arrived at an amicable agreement to go ahead and consolidate or transfer the assets of the PSD over to Charles Town. That’s my hope," said Jacquelyn Milliron, Jefferson County resident. 
The County Commissioners heard the proposal from attorneys today, but no decision has been reached yet.

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