UPDATE: Trial date set for two suspects involved in alleged Jan. murder

The pre-trial is set for Sept. 21, and the trial is set for Sept. 26

The trial date has been set for two people involved in the alleged murder of a Martinsburg man back in January.
Courtney Hamill, of Inwood, and Kevin Hamill, of Winchester, were both arrested in January for the alleged murder of Ramon Walker. 
The pre-trial is set for Sept. 21, and the trial is set for Sept. 26.
Police said the suspects went to Walker's home on Northwestern Avenue to try and rob him, but it didn't go as planned. Hamill shot and killed Walker.
They are charged with murder, first-degree robbery, burglary and conspiracy.
A Berkeley County grand jury has indicted 27 people, three of whom are connected to a Martinsburg murder case.
Destiny Baker, of Martinsburg, Courtney Hamill, of Inwood, and Kevin Hamill, of Winchester, were all arrested in January for the killing of Ramon Walker.
Police said the three suspects went to Walker's home on Northwestern Avenue to try and rob him, but it didn't go as planned. Hamill then shot and killed Walker. 
All three people were charged with murder, first-degree robbery burglary and conspiracy.
On Jan. 12, police responded to 429 North Western Avenue for what originally was supposed to be a welfare check.
“When officer responded to the scene, they located Ramón Walker deceased on the floor of the living room with a gun shot wound to the head,” said Kevin Miller, Captain, Martinsburg City Police Department.
Through the help of the public, they were able to make three arrests. Kevin Hamill, of Winchester, Courtney Hamill, of Inwood, and Destiny Baker, of Martinsburg, were all charged with single counts of first-degree murder, armed robbery and conspiracy.
“With the help of the community, we were able to obtain a witness who had information on the homicide. We were able to corroborate that information and obtain arrests warrants for the suspects,” said Capt. Miller.
The witnesses informed police that Walker used to date Courtney Hamill. Ms. Hamill knew that Walker had dealt drugs and had valuable items in his possession.
The three defendants went to Walker’s house for a robbery, but it escalated into Kevin Hamill shooting Walker with a shot gun. Police said even after Mr. Hamill shot Walker they came back to steal. 
“They returned two times to the residence, and they stole clothing, a[] cell phone, a gun and numerous items inside the residence,” said Capt. Miller.  
Martinsburg City Police said it was a joint effort with them in other agencies in tracking down the suspects.
Many other agencies were involved, including the Clarke County Virginia Sheriff's Department, where the vehicle was found on fire as well as the Frederick County Sheriff's Department in Virginia, the West Virginia State Police and the U.S. Marshal Service.
Police said Courtney Hamill and Destiny Baker are in the Eastern Regional Jail (ERJ) on no bond, and Kevin Hamill was arrested in Frederick County; he will have to be extradited back to West Virginia for the murder charge.


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