Volunteers meet for Jefferson County Disaster Ready Kids Program

Disasters happen all the time whether they are tornadoes or hurricanes

JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va. - Disasters happen all the time whether they are tornadoes, hurricanes or even just thunderstorms.

Regardless of the severity, it is important for people of all ages are prepared.

In Jefferson County, the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency have a Disaster Ready Kids Program.

Volunteers go to libraries, day care centers and summer camps to teach kids how to be prepared if a natural disaster were to hit the area.

On Thursday afternoon, the volunteers for this summer were chosen.  

"If we teach the kids and get them excited about emergency preparedness and talking about tornadoes or house fires, then they take all those lessons learned t their school, daycare center or library and they talk to their mom, dad, brothers and sisters,” said volunteer coordinator, Brandon Vallee.

The disaster ready kids program is going on from now until Aug. 1.


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