Warm Springs Avenue residents sign petition to reduce speeds

They are asking for sidewalks, more police presence and reduced speed signs

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - In an effort to reduce driving speeds on Warm Springs Avenue in Martinsburg, a group of more than 50 residents are speaking out.
In one quiet Martinsburg neighborhood, the speed limit sign reads 30 miles per hour, but according to residents, the cars zooming by tell a different story.
"They think this is a speedway. It was basically the main highway before Edwin Miller Boulevard, so to avoid all of the lights on Edwin Miller, they come down here,” said Martinsburg resident John Sleyzak.
Residents said that it doesn't just happen once in a while but on a daily basis.
"How about every day, all day and all night,” said Sleyzak.
To ensure the safety of the children in the development, over 50 residents have signed a petition urging local legislatures to lower the motor vehicle speeds and add more stop signs.
They are asking for sidewalks, more police presence and reduced speed signs.
Resident said that one of the busiest areas along Warm Springs Avenue is at Plaza Court, and they hope that signing the petition will help bring a four-way stop sign to the section of the road.
So far, the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office has increased monitoring of the area.
"Even though the car is there, people see us, and they tend to slow down,” said Berkeley County Sheriff Curtis Keller.
Sheriff Keller said there have been many accidents in the past, giving it a dangerous reputation.
"We’ve had some major accidents out there. We had an elderly woman going to her mailbox, got hit and was pretty severely injured,” said Keller.
Residents said they just want their kids to feel safe playing in their front yards.
The petition will be reviewed next month in front of the Berkeley County Council.

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