WHAG Launch to HD Just Around the Corner


HAGERSTOWN, Md.The lights are up, the cameras are running, and we are almost ready for action at WHAG.

The HD transition is only days away, but our engineers have been hard at work behind the scenes for almost three months now.

"Multiple designs we had to go through until everything was approved,” said WHAG Engineer Randy McCann. “Then once that happened we had to start building it out, running all the cables there, making sure everything that was working now continue to work."

Weatherman Lou Scally, who has been at WHAG for 33 years, says the station has come a long way with advances in technology.

"Thirty-three years ago, we had no weather graphics as far as computer generated,” said Lou. “We had refrigerator magnets and a magnetic board, so it was rather primitive, but that was pretty much the standard in those days."

Here at WHAG, it is truly out with the old and in with the new. A new set, new equipment, and a fresh new feel.

"Sunday’s going to be great,” said Randy. “Everything's going to look great."

"As they say, you haven't seen anything yet,” said Lou. “This is the best thing that's ever happened here. I've seen a lot of changes over the last thirty-three years and by far this is really the most exciting time here at the TV station. We're really, really going to put on a good show for you now."

Our first HD broadcast in the new studio will be Sunday evening at six. We want to thank our viewers for being patient with us during this whole transition.

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