Wilson College Hosts 2nd Annual "Pizza Wars"


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa.Local pizza shops battled it out Saturday to earn the title of best pizza in Chambersburg.

This year was the second year Wilson College hosted "Pizza Wars."

Eight pizza makers competed this time, serving hundreds of people who then voted for their favorite pie.

Event organizers say "Pizza Wars" is a good way for students to get more involved with the Chambersburg community.

“One of the big things the college really wants is to bring more community onto the campus to expose what we have on campus to do and really get the students involved with the local community,” said Joel Pagliaro, director of special events at Wilson College.

All proceeds will go to Wilson College's general fund.

This year’s "Pizza Wars" overall pizza winner is Caretti's on Philadelphia Avenue. They also won last year for best overall pizza.

“We use our recipes from my dad, which he’s been using since the 70s. Still works!” said Caretti’s owner Bruno Caretti, adding that they always use the freshest ingredients they can find.

The 2014 winner of best specialty pizza is Roaslie's.

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