Winchester Police: 21 Cars Broken Into in 12 Hours


WINCHESTER, Va. - A report released by the Winchester Police Department on Friday said that in just 12 hours, thieves got into 21 unlocked cars last weekend, between Saturday July 19 and Sunday July 20.

Police said most of incidences happened on Harvest Drive, Cidermill Lane, Melvor Lane, Wayne Drive, Clayton Ridge Drive, Stoneleigh Drive and Summerfield Lane.

Not all cars had items taken, but every car did have something in common.

"Each one of those cars that were rummaged through this past weekend , the 21 cars, every single one of them was left unlocked," said Lauren Cummings, a spokesperson with the Winchester Police Department.

Police believe thieves were looking for loose change, cash and other items like electronics, that they can quickly pawn off.

"They're looking for money, change, laptops, cell phones, anything like this,” said Cummings. “And we believe that they're probably feeding a drug habit, [which is] why they're looking for money."

The report also said that since June they've received 48 reports of larcenies from motor vehicles. During the same time frame in 2013, they only received ten. 

"We want people to remember every single time they get out of their car to make sure that their windows are up, and they are locking the vehicle before they walk away," said Cummings, who notes that simply locking your car door is the biggest deterrent in motor vehicle theft.

Along with locking your car doors, police recommend keeping a record of important info, like your cell phone's VIN number. They said that type of information is sometimes the only way to track down and claim a lost or stolen item.

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