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You will never pay more than $189 a month*

Because Everyone Deserves a Great Smile!


We participate in 189braces.com.  Mention this ad and you will never pay more than $189 a month for your orthodontic treatment.  No hidden fees, no credit check, no interest, no down payments. **


Often our payments are lower than $189 a month after insurance is deducted from the total treatment cost.  Our staff is always willing to work with you on financing to make it easier for you to afford a beautiful smile.  


Call 301-788-2522 today to schedule your free consultation.  


*   Treatment time may vary from patient to patient.  Payment terms may exceed the length of treatment to give you the most afforable options.  You may choose shorter terms with higher monthly payment options.    Please mention promotion for special monthly pricing. 

** Excludes Invisalign lab fee which must be paid up front, treatment payments not to exceded $189 a month.