Oak Hill Course Gets Early Look For 2013 PGA

Kerry Haigh is in charge of the course setup for the 2012 PGA Championship at Kiawah Island of the Carolina course. The event begins in three weeks.

So, what was he doing in Rochester early this week?

I like to come as close to a year before as I can so that, condition wise, the golf course is very similar to what it will be a year from now," Haigh says. "Its a perfect time for me to get to see the golf course as it will be next year."

Haigh has been to Rochester to set up Oak Hill twice before--for the 2003 PGA Championship and the 2008 Senior PGA. Familiarity with the venue helps, but he doesn't want to get "complacent. We try and every time we go to a site we've been to before to look at it with fresh eyes," Haigh says. "We hate to say because this is the way we did it before, this is the way it has to be."

Haigh isn't only in charge of rough length, green speed and tee location. He also handles where fans will be dropped off at the course, where to place stands or viewing areas and where the network TV cameras will be located to name a few.  

"It's all challenging. It's why we do the job. Every site, every venue has different challenges and problems we have to solve," Haigh says.

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