Hampshire Countdwon to Kickoff

 ROMNEY, WV.- Last year the Trojans season could be summed up simply. 


"Lack of hustle, no heart," says senior runningback Blake Saville


The Hampshire program was below expectations the last two years, with a 2-18 combined record.  Coach Darren Grace is out on the field going back to the basics. And the players are starting to respond.


"I think we're going to come out ready to play,” says senior tight end and defensive end Caleb Hill.  “show them what we got...put it all against the wall."


Coach Grace realizes it's a slow and steady process to get to the top and he doesn't want his team to repeat last year's struggles.


"The kids we have I think, you know, they want to turn it around.  We took the first step last year...this year we'll turn the page a little bit and win a few more games."


And it starts with an attitude adjustment from the players.


"Well you just try to be positive about everything, says senior quarterback Philip Malick.  “We tell everybody its going to get better.  Work harder so we can have a better season than the last two."


And to get better Coach Grace wants more hustle, more heart, and more discipline than the last year.  He feels he's got the right group to do it with.


"We want top come out and be in the game in the fourth quarter and have a chance to win that what's I tell my kids all the time.  That's what I tell my kids all the time if we have a chance in the fourth quarter we'll go out and we'll win."


And even though their opponents think Hampshire is a walk over, the Trojans are ready to show up for four quarters this year.


"I think when they come in and find out we're ready to play,” says Malick.  “It'll really change their attitude towards us."


Hampshire begins the season against Preston County on August 28th.


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