2013 End of the Year Awards: Maryland 1A/Private

- The 2013 End of the Year Football Awards:  Maryland  1A/Private

Quarterback/Wide Receiver Duo of the Year:  Bryce Johnson/Grier Wilson (St. John's CP)

Dual Quarterback of the Year: Jesse Wolford (Hancock HS)

Running Back of the Year:  Dekarai Darr (Fort Hill HS)
Running Back Honorable Mention:  Seth Wagner (Brunswick HS); Jordan Keefer (Hancock); Tarik Wallace (MSD)

Defensive Player of  the Year:  Cody Arigo (Fort Hill HS)
Defensive Player Honorable Mention:  Harrison Layman (Hancock HS); Collin Schultz (Clear Spring HS)

Coach of the Year:  Todd Appel (Fort Hill HS)
Coach of the Year Honorable Mention:  Todd Ruppenthal (Hancock HS); John Ricca (St. John's CP)

Team of the Year:  Fort Hill

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