Inside the Huddle: Maryland School for the Deaf


This is what winning sounds like.  But to the those who play football at the Maryland School for the Deaf, they don't hear winning.  Instead, they feel it. And that winning feeling is something MSD has worked towards for years.

Senior Quarterback, Jad Gore, said, "We eat, sleep, and bleed football. We sleep with our footballs. We think football."

"We want to show that we can play football like anybody else can. The only thing is, we can't hear," said Head Coach, Joshua Doudt.

Not only can the Orioles simply play the game, but they have built a dynasty, winning the Deaf National Championship an incredible ten times in the past 12 seasons.

Doudt says he doesn’t think of being deaf as having a disability.  "We don't look at deafness, meaning 'I can't.' I teach the players that, 'I can.'  Football parallels with life. We become better people, and it helps their self-esteem to grow.  They become confident, and they know what they can do."

Gore mentions, he’s seen his fair share of ridicule. "There's some schools when we play against them, they get highly irritated, highly angry, if they lose to a deaf school. You know, we don't worry about that."

And the Orioles don't have time to worry about what others think.  Most times they're busy letting the scoreboard do the talking.

"I think the best part is, by the end of the season, how much they have grown, from boys to men.  They really have accomplished a lot.  That is really inspiring to me," said Doudt.

"It's an honor to be in this program.  Nothing can replace the experience.  I mean, I've been here all through my high school experience.  There's nothing that could replace that.  The winning, the feeling... yeah, it's my second family out there on the field,” Gore said affectionately.

So while the Maryland School for the Deaf may not be able to hear the ovations from the stands or even from their teammates, their impact on the game of football and on others, comes in loud and clear.

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