Jefferson High Track goes for 3-peat

Most high school teams would be thrilled to win back-to-back state titles, but the Jefferson track and field team is hoping to make it three in a row.

Senior sprinter, Ashton Hyler, said, "For some reason, not many people know that our track team is good.  You have football and basketball as the popular sports, but here track and field is number one. If we maintain what we're doing, we'll go far. And hopefully, we'll get that three-peat."

Winning three consecutive state championships is extremely tough to do, in any sport.  But when it comes to track and field, a team must succeed across the board, not in just one, but close to 20 different events, to be the best.

Jefferson Head Coach, Craig Hunter, explains, "You have different parts, but I try to teach a philosophy that we're all parts of one machine. So we try to keep that philosophy going in everything we do."

Dante Price, two-tim state champion, added, "Everybody has to do their thing, because you could have a wonderful day individually, but your overall team can still suffer."

And while there is plenty of pressure on the cougars to complete the three-peat, they say they're taking it all in stride.

"If you're number one, others are going to try their hardest to be in the position you are. So there is pressure, but you still need to stay focused no matter how much pressure you have," said Hyler.

Hunter thinks his kids have the right mindset to win a third straight. "We don't want to leave that track saying 'I wish I coulda, shoulda, woulda done this.' Go 100-percent, go all out, and whatever happens, happens, and we'll take the results."

And Jefferson hopes those eventual results, end in rewriting the schools record books.

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