Middletown preps for Frederick Douglass Veer

The 12-1 Middletown Knights have had a terrific season but it is not complete.  Judd Ziegler says "This whole season has been about finishing 14. Doing your job specifically. So we feel like we feel like we have unfinished business down there. We gotta finish it this time."

It's been almost a year since many of the players on this Middletown team lost last year's championship game by three points.  So the finish 14 mentality is nothing new to the Knights.  Coach Kevin Lynott said, "Right at the end of the game, immediately, you know, within 48 hours, our core group of people were talking about this year, and wanting to set goals for this season. And that goal was finish 14. And finish 14 means we get to the 14th game, and we finish. We finish the game with a win."

As for stopping Frederick Douglass's veer offense, Coach Lynott says it comes down to playing good old fashioned Middletown football.  And his players know what they have to do.  "Do your job. That's been the focus all season. Do your job, don't focus on anything else, except what you gotta do. And then if we do that, I think we'll do well in the State game."

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