Romney's Greene, a Bowling Success

As one of the nation's top collegiate bowlers, Amanda Greene has been know to use her bowling ball as a wrecking ball. The former Hampshire High Trojan is making a name for herself at the national level, she says her passion for the sport began at her father's bowling alley in Romney, West Virginia.

Greene said, "I've been bowling since I could walk. So I grew up in a bowling alley, and I don't really know anything else."

Amanda's father, Bob, added, "We got her her own ball when she was 3-4 years old, and she's been bowling ever since. She ended up playing with us adults because there were no youth bowlers that could compete with her."

Bowling is a game of consistency, and just like a ball return, Amanda always heads back to her "second home", in hopes of continually performing at a high level.

"I've practiced hours upon hours. I have the keys, so i can come in anytime i want," said Greene.

Those hours of work have equalled into two career 300-games, a 222 bowling average, and most recently, greene was one of four female members selected to represent team u-s-a at the world youth olympics... But she doesn't plan on stopping there.

"I want to always get better.  I'm not at the top level yet, so i'm going to keep pushing until I get there."

And while Amanda's bowling career looks set to take off, you wouldn't be hard-pressed to find her at the family alley, doing what she's always done: knocking down as many pins as possible.

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