Tuscarora Archers Shoot for Future Golds

Archery has been a mainstay at the Olympic Games since 1900. The sport finished up last week in the Olympic Games and the future of archery is bright in the area. There may be some newcomers to the team in 2016.

Alison Stockman and Sophia Sterchin started archery a few years ago.  They didn't expect to get anything serious out of it...Until they started attending national tournaments.

Stockman said, "I didn't even know about the tournaments when I started, but then we were in them and were winning.

Sterchin said, "I got second in nationals and I'm still getting better."

Both archers practice in the year-old Junior Olympic Archery Development, or JOAD Program at Tuscarora archers club.

The range has been secluded in the woods of Frederick since 1960 and President Rick Lushbaugh says it's always attracted archers of all ages.

Lusbuagh said, "You can shoot from a 30 pound bow and be just as successful as someone shooting from a 60 pound bow.  "The Olympic potential is there for all of them. They just need some breaks along the way, and you never know."

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