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167th Airlift Wing National Guard Teams Up With Schools for Cyber-Security Training Program

The program is aimed to help its men and women tackle the challenges of the modern World Wide Web.
MARTINSBURG, WV - Some new changes are landing at the 167th Air National Guard.

The base will be partnering with the University of Charleston and The Blue Ridge Technical College for the new cyber-training program. It is aimed to help its men and women tackle the challenges of the modern World Wide Web.

The world is getting more connected, the Internet is getting faster and hackers are getting smarter.

"There's a unique need right now for cyber security specialists within the Department of Defense and at the same time, the base is facing a change in structure as we move from the C-5 up to the C-17 aircraft," says Major General James Hoyer, adjutant general of the West Virginia Air National Guard.

It is a change many of the men and women are excited but also apprehensive about.

"What we're trying to do is to create West Virginia as a leader in this particular area and then hopefully generate the opportunity to train folks from other places around the country as well," adds Hoyer.

It is also an opportunity both schools are thrilled about.

"Having been in education as long as most of us have, we look for education solutions to help people with career and life transitions, and what's happening at the 167th certainly fits that definition," says Peter Checkovich, Blue Ridge Technical College president.

"We've been working with the national guard for decades back when the University of Charleston called Morris Harvey so we're pleased to be helping the men and women of the Air Guard," says Jerry Forster, University of Charleston regional president.

However, this new change is not just about being trained for cyber-security. It will also present other training opportunities as well.

"The other is being able to proactively use cyber to address threats overseas opposed to potentially having to send a fleet of aircraft," adds Hoyer.

This program will provide all the skills needed with hopes of becoming a leader in the Department of Defense and Homeland Security.

The training will begin within the next two weeks.

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