200 Veterans Turn Out For Job Fair

200 Veterans Turn Out For Job Fair

Roughly 200 job seekers, 34 employers, even the mayor, came out to a job fair in Middletown, Virginia.

Middletown, Va. - Roughly 200 job seekers, 34 employers, even the mayor, came out to a job fair in Middletown, Virginia that was specifically put on for veterans.

Job seeking is hard enough, but for veterans, especially those with disabilities, it can be painstakingly difficult.

"It wasn't easy for us Vietnam Vets coming home and that's one thing we all talk about," said Roger Ernst, a veteran and potential employer who went to the fair for more information on how to hire veterans.

But the Virginia Employment Commission, American Veterans and Lord Fairfax Community College are trying to help.

"I’m here to meet all the employers, to see where I can start networking and build a relationships," said Michael Branck, a veteran.

All were adamant about the benefits of hiring veterans.

"It’s the basis of my company. I'm a veteran, my partner's a veteran," said Skip Rogers, who attended the fair to see if he could find potential employees for his company Able Forces.

"Veterans can provide a lot of skills that today's employers are looking for,” said Mayor Charles Harbaugh. He said vets possess, “Timeliness, promptness, trustworthiness and the ability to take on big projects without micromanagement."

"If they can think, talk, they don't have to walk. They can be a viable commodity if an employer will give them a chance,” said Ernst

Along with filling out applications, job seekers could also participate in career building workshops.

"We have the Federal Resume Writing Workshop. We have the Advanced Resume Writing Workshop, (and the) Department of Adult Rehabilitated Services is here on hand,” said Carrie Stuby, the Winchester Representative for the Veterans Outreach Program with the Virginia Employment Commission.

Overall officials say the job fair was a huge success proving a need for more outreach programs like this in the community.

"Not one of this caliber, this is extraordinary. It’s the first of its kind. There's a lot of local veterans in Middletown," said Harbaugh

"To me if you've been in the military, and do some of the things we've had to do, you're not a dummy,” said Ernst.

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