40 Years Later, Convicted Murderer Gets a Second Chance

40 Years Later, Convicted Murderer Gets a Second Chance

The man who was previously convicted of killing a Hagerstown cop almost 40 years ago is getting a retrial in a couple of months.

HAGERSTOWN, MD- Merle Unger was convicted of murder in 1976 for shooting and killing a Hagerstown cop during an attempted robbery.

But years later, Ungers' conviction was taken back due to a legal technicality. The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled the way jurors were advised about reasonable doubt, on cases before 1981, was unconstitutional.

Unger was back in WashingtonCounty as attorneys took care of pretrial matters regarding witnesses.

Because the shooting took place nearly 40 years ago, some key witnesses will not be part of the new trial due to deteriorating mental and physical health, and some witnesses have since passed away.

Unger is currently in a state prison. The retrial will take place in TalbotCounty due to its high profile case; it's expected to begin June 10, 2013.

Some of the key witnesses who won't be part of the retrial are detectives, police officers, a nurse and Unger's father.

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