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74-Year-Old Salvation Army Bell Ringer Brings Holiday Cheer

Eleanor Wible may be 74-years-old, but her age is not stopping her from working 10 hour days in the cold.

HAGERSTOWN, Md.Eleanor Wible may be 74-years-old, but her age is not stopping her from working ten hour days in the cold. She has been ringing the Salvation Army bell outside Hobby Lobby in Hagerstown every day since Thanksgiving: rain, snow or shine.

From 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. day after day, Eleanor is outside greeting people.

"Wishing them Merry Christmas, singing songs to them, and also saying God bless you,” said Wible.

Eleanor says the Salvation Army has helped her when she has been homeless herself, and ringing the bell is just one way she can show her thanks.

"She will tell you of her love for the Salvation Army because we've helped her and she comes back and kind of pays it forward,” said Major Dan Heard of the Salvation Army.

It's that helping hand Eleanor will never forget.

"I'm trying to pay it back from years ago when they helped me out," said Wible.

But how does she battle the freezing temperatures?

"You move your arms back and forth, you stomp your legs, and you just do a little dance," said Wible.

She also wears layers of clothes. It is clear nothing will keep Eleanor from doing what she does best.

"Eleanor is one of those resilient individuals and she's a joy to be around,” said Heard. “She's faithful, she's here every day, she never fails to show up."

This is Eleanor’s forth year working for the Salvation Army. She says she will be out ringing the bell until the last collection day on Christmas Eve.

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