911 Dispatcher Helps Deliver Baby Over Phone

911 Dispatcher Helps Deliver Baby Over Phone

A Harper's Ferry mom is thanking a Jefferson County 911 dispatcher for helping deliver her baby over the phone.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va. - It was a life changing call for a Harper's Ferry family when Autumn Ulsh went into labor. 

"I was packing up my things getting ready for a shift change when the phone rang," said Bill Schweitzer, the Jefferson County Dispatcher who walked the family through the delivery of Autumn's first child.

"I imagined I was going to be having an Epidural, there was going to be doctors, not like anything that happened at all," said new mom Autumn Ulsh.

It all happened right in Autumn's bedroom and within six minutes from when the call was placed, her little girl was born.

"I just felt the pressure and I was like I'm pretty sure I'm having the baby right now," said Ulsh. 

And Autumn did, never imagining a stranger on the phone would be the one helping her get through the delivery of her first child. Wednesday the family was united for the first time, for a chance to say thanks to the dispatcher who helped bring little Myah into the world.

"I'm just very thankful for everyone involved and expescially the dispatcher," said Ulsh. 

"Just kept praying talking to God, we're going to get through this," said Autumn's step mother Bethany Ulsh. 

Autumn's step mother was the one on the phone with Bill, following his step by step instructions.

"He was so calm, so confident, there wasn't any hesitation in his voice, it was okay we're going to do this now, ok, we're going to do this, and I think that
helped," said the woman's step mother.

Autumn says while she never expected this to be the case when she gave birth, she's just happy to have a healthy baby. 

Myah will be turning four-months-old soon. She was born on May 27, weighing 7 lbs, 4 oz.

The dispatcher says he's had other calls with woman going into labor, but this is the first time he ever walked a family through a delivery. 

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