Animal Control Officers on the Lookout For Pets Locked in Cars

Animal Control Officers on the Lookout For Pets Locked in Cars

Warren County Animal Control Officers have given warning citations to owners locking their pets in the cars during brutal temperatures.
WARREN COUNTY, VA - There have been many recent reports of owners leaving their four-legged friends in the car during the brutal, hot temperatures.

Now, Warren County Animal Control Officers have been on the lookout in people's cars.

"They can't cool down by sweating the way we can so they have even more trouble maintaining the correct body temperature in hot weather," says Suzy Daley, canine team leader of Warren County Humane Society.

In just 80-degree weather, the temperature inside of a car can rise up to 100 degrees just within a matter of 20 minutes, just enough to kill any pet.

"Well, if they look like they're panting a lot, if they're just lying there and not moving around, that would be disturbing. Also, if they're drooling a lot," adds Daley.

It is something Warren County Animal Control Officers say they have been dealing with a lot and so far, they have only given out warnings to pet owners.

"A lot of them are surprised. They never seemed to notice that before, they never were aware," says Gerald Cubbage, Warren County Animal Control Officer.

By the time animals start showing signs of distress, it might already be too late.

"If it's a hot day and the windows are rolled up, even if they're not rolled all the way up, and the air conditioning's not on, then you should be concerned," adds Daley.

Animal control officers expect to see the front and back of your car, cat or dog-free.

However, if your pets do need to come along for the ride, they offer these tips.

"We give them simple advice as far as they should probably leave the animal home if they can do that or if they got to go in, maybe someone can stay in the car with the animal and monitor the animal while they're in the store," adds Cubbage.

These are habits that can save any pet owner from losing their companion.

If you are caught with leaving your pet in the car, you may either receive a warning citation or be charged with animal cruelty.

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