Animal Cruelty Case Reaches Plea Agreement

Animal Cruelty Case Reaches Plea Agreement

Russell Ebersole, kennel owner of the pet care center Aberdeen Acres in Stephenson, Va., was convicted on four counts of animal cruelty charges Friday morning.

FREDERICK COUNTY, Va. - Russell Ebersole was trusted by many to train their dogs at his pet care center in Stephenson, Virginia. But they allege when their family pets were returned they weren't in the same condition.

"The allegation was that Mr. Ebersole who ran Aberdeen Acres boarding facility, which was where people took their dogs to be trained in obedience manners, was alleged to have mistreated dogs in his care," said Commonwealth Attorney Ross Spicer.

Ebersole was arrested on November 9, 2012 and charged with 13 counts of animal cruelty. 

A plea agreement was reached abruptly Friday morning, with Ebersole convicted on four counts of animal cruelty. During the plea agreement, the prosecution agreed to drop seven other counts against him at a later date.

"The judge ruled two of the cases could not go forward, that we had not presented enough evidence in the judge's eyes," said Spicer.

Friday's agreement was one that the owners of the animals involved seemed pleased with. 

"Mr. Ebersole acknowledged that in the four instances, in which he pleaded guilty, I believe owners were satisfied with that resolution," said Spicer.

While the Commonwealth and the Defendant have no agreement as to the sentencing, this case will be continued for a sentence hearing on December 6, 2013.


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