Augustoberfest Hits Downtown Hagerstown

Augustoberfest Hits Downtown Hagerstown

Augustoberfest begins this weekend.
HAGERSTOWN, Md. -- Instead of booking a flight to Germany for the weekend, how about if Germany booked a weekend for you, right here in downtown Hagerstown? 

"Augustoberfest is an octoberfest in august and it's a great event we feature dancers, singers, and judy's shows," said Karen Giffin of the City of Hagerstown.

Organizers say the annual Augustoberfest has doubled in attendance during the past couple of years.

But to turn a giant parking lot into the rich culture of Bavaria, volunteers say it doesn't happen overnight. 

This year the festival has drawn in a tremendous group of volunteers from all over the community.

"Yeah it takes thousands of volunteer hours throughout the year to organize everything to obtain proper entertainment," said Brett Wilson, a volunteer of Augustoberfest.

Organizers at Augustoberfest say the number of volunteers has never been so great, and each one is here because they're proud of the festival and of showcasing a great event in Hagerstown.

Participants have a chance to enjoy Bavarian food, entertainment, and a glimpse into German culture through music, dance and songs. 

"It's a great way to learn about our heritage and we encourage everyone to be here," said Giffin.

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