Autopsy Report Reveals Further Details in Saylor Homicide

Autopsy Report Reveals Further Details in Saylor Homicide

The report says when Saylor arrived at the emergency room at&nbsp;<st1:place><st1:placename>Frederick</st1:placename>&nbsp;<st1:placename>Memorial</st1:placename>&nbsp;<st1:placetype>Hospital</st1:placetype></st1:place>&nbsp;the ventricles in his heart were "failing to contract."
FREDERICK, MD- While many questions have been answered after a Frederick man with Down syndrome died while in police custody...WHAG reviewed the autopsy report for Robert Ethan Saylor and found out more details about what happened the night he died.

The incident occurred at the Regal Cinema at Westview Promenade where, according to autopsy reports, Saylor became unresponsive after he was arrested. That's when officers rolled the man over, and looked for a pulse, but did not find one.

Reports indicate one officer tried to remove Saylor from the theater, and when that did not work, all three got involved trying to get the man to leave.

That's when all three deputies and Saylor fell on a ramp.

"For the most part on the ramp, where the side of the seating is, the entire episode took about one to two minutes. There were about 17 to 18 civilian witnesses," says Charlie Smith, state attorney for Frederick County.

The three deputies placed three sets of handcuffs on the man and officers say when they noticed Saylor had stopped struggling, they turned him over and found him unresponsive.

The state attorney's office says 17 witnesses, the three deputies and a police training expert testified to the grand jury and found the case to be a medical homicide. No criminal charges were pressed against the deputies.

"People have to understand there's a very limited function here, and that's to determine whether a criminal homicide happened," says Smith.

The report says when Saylor arrived at the emergency room at Frederick Memorial Hospital the ventricles in his heart were "failing to contract."

The report indicates that Saylor's death by asphyxiation is certified as a homicide because the man would not have died if it weren't for the presence of the officers.

While the three deputies are not found criminally liable, an internal investigation continues with the sheriff's office.

"So a lot of people are looking for answers elsewhere and that of course will be up to the civil courts to see if they were civilly liable," says Smith.

The three deputies are back at work on administrative duty and will not be out patrolling on the streets pending the outcome of their investigation.

The investigation should be complete by next week. 

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