Big Cork Vineyard Hits Big

Big Cork Vineyard Hits Big

Workers at Big Cork Vineyard are harvesting five tons of sauvignon blanc.

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - One of the newest vineyards in Washington County is growing quick. 

Workers at Big Cork Vineyards are harvesting five tons of grapes for their sauvignon blanc.

"This is our first harvest. We're bringing in the fruits. It’s been a spectacular year," said Dave Collins of Big Cork Vineyard.

Collins says the weather this year made for an excellent grape crop.

"It's been nice and sunny since August and dry and the sugars were accumulating high and the flavors are fantastic," said Collins.

They’re showing off grapes straight from the vine, which will soon be in the bottle.

Collins says Sauvignon Blanc is a wonderful grape to grow in this part of Maryland for several reasons.

"It ripens really well in this part of Maryland. This year the sugars are extremely high," said Collins.

Collins says the five tons of sauvignon blanc will create some 700 gallons of wine.

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