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Book of Prayers for Egypt from Frederick

Clashes and protests continue in Egypt, and here at home people came together in Frederick to offer prayers of peace.
FREDERICK, Md. - As clashes and protests continue in Egypt, people came together in Frederick to offer prayers of peace Saturday.

Frederick and Montgomery County residents gathered at the Asbury United Methodist Church. They say they're doing what they can through prayer to raise awareness and support for on going protests in Egypt. They say they’re concerned about America’s security and the impacts the unrest overseas will have on our country, t
hat’s why they are offering their prayers.

“For peace in the region were praying that somehow, someway some solution will be reached to ring these forces partner and were praying President Obama will have wisdom to know how to handle this situation,” says Rocky Twyman of Rockville, Md.

“You know when you’re so far away over there in Egypt and you’re just sitting there on TV, watching it you just get so sad about it,” says Helen Brooks.

Estimates of Friday’s death toll in Cairo range from 17 to 54. Officials with the Military Government say the chaos in recent days had led to the deaths of 54 police officers.

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