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Boonsboro Girls, Smithsburg Boys win 1A Indoor Track State Championship

Warrior Girls and Leopard Boys win team Indoor Track 1A State Championships.  Smithsburg had 80.50 points and Boonsboro 108 points.  Catoctin's girls and Walkersville boys were the highest local team finishers in 2A.  S'burg's Daigneault, W'port's Hardy, and B'boro's Zielinski win multiple events.
Class 1A Girls
- Individual Winners

4X800 Relay: Boonsboro, 10:17.25 (Katie Rickerds, Sarah Zielinski, Micheala Grove, Rachel Doane)
55m Hurdles: Maggie Sullivan, Boonsboro, 8.59
55m Dash: Abby Duncan, Boonsboro, 7.32
3200m Run: Sarah Zielinski, 11:37.68

Team Standings

1. Boonsboro 108
2. Northwestern 79
6. Smithsburg

Class 1A Boys
- Individual Winners

Pole Vault: Nick Seabright, Boonsboro, 12-00
1600m Run: Luke Daigneault, Smithsburg   4:40.75
3200m Run: Luke Daigneault, Smithsburg   10:10.08  
4X200m Relay: Smithsburg (Zane Gardenhour, Chad Greene, Brandon Athey, Caleb Cardone), 1:34.42

Team Standings

1. Smithsburg  80.5
2. Northwestern  55
2. Boonsboro  55
7. Brunswick

Class 2A Girls
- Individual Winners

Shot Put: Megan Mounts, Walkersville, 36-9
High Jump: Hannah Stone, Catoctin, 5-6
Emma King: Oakdale, 11-09.50 (New State Record)
800m Run: Savannah Steinly, Catoctin 2:19.68

Team Standings

1. Liberty 80
4. Catoctin
7. Oakdale

Class 2A Boys
- Individual Winners

1600m Run: Evan Hardy, Williamsport, 4:23.22
3200m Run: Evan Hardy, Williamsport, 9:35.61
800m Run: Scott Berryman, Walkersville, 2:01.22

Team Standings

1. Frederick Douglass  56
2. Walkersville  43
6. Williamsport
8. Catoctin
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