Branch of Technology Involving Design, Construction and Robots

Branch of Technology Involving Design, Construction and Robots

Students of Washington County presented their robots at Volvo Group's Hagerstown site in preparation for a world wide robotics competition.

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - From delivering a soda bottle to lifting a plastic ball, robots can do just about anything.

Students are building them for a world wide robotics competition.

"It's all about the robots. I'm really into technology. So its fun seeing it with my own eyes and feeling the control of the robot," said Kyle Johnson, Springfield Middle School.

Hosted by the Volvo Group's Hagerstown site, 26 teams from Washington County Public Schools challenged their robots through a vex robotics scrimmage. 

"Seeing the innovation they have. The mindset is different there, but to give them a chance to grow in that field and see what does it actually mean here," said Braden Myers of Volvo Group.

If their robot isn't working right, this activity enables students to redesign their robots for upcoming competitions.

"We're working on the steps and then modifying it to fit our needs and how we want to have the ending robot," said Edward Frank, Western Heights Middle School.

More than 7,000 teams from 25 countries will compete in 400 tournaments world wide. 

And it's a chance to prepare students to become future innovators.

"Someday I want to be an engineer. I'm hoping to work for Volvo someday," said Johnson.

The local Vex Robotics competition is set for January 8, 2014 at Clear Spring High School. Local VRC winner will then complete in the Maryland state VRC in early March.

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