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Building a Healthier Lifestyle One Lunch at at Time

A community group is teaming up with the Chambersburg Area School District to bring healthier and fresher foods to their summer tutoring program.

CHAMBERSBURGPA- A community group is teaming up with the Chambersburg Area School District to bring healthier and fresher foods to their summer tutoring program.

For years, Building Our Pride in Chambersburg (BOPIC) has worked with the school district to give food to students in summer school.

But, this is the first year fresh and healthier options are making their way to the kitchen.

"It's really important for our children to see that there are really good foods," said Kelly Soffe,Chambersburg Area School District. "And there are lots of ways to live a healthy lifestyle and to learn about all those different opportunities."

"I think we have an opportunity to introduce a nutritional concept to the entire community," said Jack Jones, President and CEO of BOPIC.

An opportunity Jones explored after a recent Summit Health survey showed more than 79 percent of Franklin County residents have inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption.

"I think we have opened the door to really show a lot of our neighbors a healthier option," said Jones.

After the students finish tutoring in the morning, BOPIC provides a healthy lunch using fresh fruits and vegetables in each meal.

The community group hopes to expand their efforts in the future.

"We will probably work with other nonprofits throughout the school year to introduce this concept to the families that's where it needs to go," said Jones.

"So overall it's providing them with an overall well being keeping their mental state active and being able to provide them with all the fresh food and the benefit of a healthy lifestyle," said Soffe.

BOPIC also works with the community to find high school volunteers to help throughout the summer with the nutrition program.

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