Candidates for Frederick Mayor Gear Up for Election

Candidates for Frederick Mayor Gear Up for Election

The contenders include the current mayor, an alderman, and a former mayor.
FREDERICK, Md. - The people of Frederick will elect a new mayor and board of aldermen next Tuesday.

Frederick Mayor Randy McClement is busy preparing for the general election on November 5th. The incumbent Republican says one of his goals is keeping taxes low.

"We've been able to provide basic services, which is what the government is supposed to do, water, sewer, trash, streets, public safety," McClement said. "We done that without having to raise taxes. That's an accomplishment."

Alderman Karen Young is running as the Democratic candidate. Young has a 100-day work plan for the city.

"I would like to see a detailed milestone work chart for the Carroll Creek Linear Project, for the Downtown Hotel and Conference Center, and for taking East Frederick Rising to the next level," Young said.

Former Mayor Jennifer Dougherty is running as an independent. She hopes to use her experience as mayor to engage the community.

"We'll use the neighborhood advisory committees for this," Dougherty said. "I want to go to their regular meetings, talk to them, and tell them how we're going to hire more police officers to make sure that we're safe not only in our business district but in our neighborhoods."

A common theme among the candidates is bringing more business to the city. They say a goal is to make Frederick a place people go to work, not a place people leave to work elsewhere.

"The three big issues for any politician are to address public safety, because if we're not safe, we don't have anything. The second issue is economic development. We know we need to grow, and we need to grow businesses in the smart places and in the right places and bring jobs here that people want," Dougherty said.

The candidates say there's several issues in Frederick.

"The one that we hear fairly consistently is traffic," McClement said. "It was the same four years ago. Probably if you look back at the books, traffic has been a concern forever."

"Transportation is one of our greatest challenges," Young said. "I want to see a proposal and some potential financing sources identified so that we can do a comprehensive study and allocate resources accordingly."

Three three candidates have lots of ideas they hope to put in place if they get the nod from voters.

The mayor and board of aldermen serve four-year terms.

For more information on the election, click here. To find your polling location, click here.
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