Cell phone driving law primary offense in MD

Cell phone driving law primary offense in MD

Beginning in October, driving while talking on a cell phone will be come a primary offense in Maryland.
MARYLAND - We've all seen or been the culprit of using our cell phones behind the wheel. Well now in MD the laws are changing.

Beginning in October, it'll become a primary offense to talk on a cell phone while driving. Right now it's a secondary offense, and police need another reason to pull a driver over.

"It was a secondary violation, you needed a primary reason to pull the vehicle over so just because we observed a driver talking on their cell phone we couldn't pull them over just for that reason," says Deputy Carl Hose with the Washington County Sheriff's Department.

Police say even if your phone is on speaker, if you're holding it in your hand, you will be violating the law.

The first offense will cost you a $40 ticket, and the second offense will be a $100 ticket once the law goes into effect.

Texting is already a primary offense behind the wheel and the fine costs $70.

"It plays a significant role in some of the accidents we're seeing but getting those exact numbers is difficult," says Deputy Hose.

Police say this new law will make it easier to pull over violators.

Drivers still have other options with hands free devices like bluetooth, but police stress the safest method ios stopping the car off the roadway to make calls.
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