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Christian Seminary Opens in Franklin County

But the buildings were kept intact and now are again being used, to educate continuing a tradition that's as old as the Civil War in Franklin County.

SCOTLAND, PA- Back in June of 2009, when the Scotland School forVeterans' Children closed, it was a heart break for the small community in Franklin County. But the buildings were kept intact and now are again being used to educate, continuing a tradition that's as old as the Civil War.

From 1932 to 1941, the Scotland School for Veterans' Children was home for Granville Waldt, while his father fought in World War I, so a few years ago when the school closed its' doors, he felt like a part of his life was also shut down.

"I couldn't believe they close Scotland School down.  Promises were made; years ago back by the governor.  I couldn't believe 114 years back, they would shut this school down," said Waldt.

But as a part of the state's decision to close the school, the buildings were maintained.  Now, they are again being used as the Winebrenner Theological Seminary, which is devoted training and educating students for Christian ministry.  

"It signifies that we are underway and taken possession of the property and ready to move forward.  The next step for us is to recruit the students and educating them to help them achieve what they are coming for," said Dr. David Newell, the director of Scotland campus.

The Winebrenner Theological Seminary is based out of Ohio. The Scotland campus is now its' second location. Newell said the old Scotland School for Veterans Children was selected to target students interested in ministry in our area.

"Our desire is to increase the competencies of those in leadership within the church, specifically we want them to have the highest degree of skill highest degree of competency, when they go out and minister for the cause of Christ," said Dr. Newell.

One thing Newell guarantees is the legacy of the Scotland School for Veterans' Children will never die.  

"We want them on the campus for their events, and we recognize them, that this was their home.  We want them to feel as if they are free to come and go," said Dr. Newell.

"The lord works in mysterious ways, many good ways.  I hate to see my school close, but I can't think of a better group of people better thing to happen than the church of god to come in and take Scotland school," said Waldt.

Dr. Newell says 15 to 25 students will be enrolling for the very first classes at the Scotland campus. Classes officially begin on September 5th.

Click here for information about Winebrenner Theological Seminary.  

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