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Church Members and the Community Come Together for the Third Annual Holiday Festival

St. Mark's Episcopal Church offered baked goods, holiday decorations, and crafts as a way to raise money towards its youth camp.

BOONSBORO, Md. - The smell of pinecones lingered the air and Christmas carols were on full blast.

St. Mark's Episcopal Church held its third annual holiday festival.

The festival gave visitors a chance to shop for crafts, baked goods, and holiday decorations. There was also an indoor yard sale that wase held in Dorsey Hall.

All proceeds from the sale benefited St. Mark's Youth Work Camp, an organization that teaches young members the values of community outreach and service to others.

"This event, though it's four years old or three years old, there are already some people that are viewing it as a tradition, so this is the time of the year when people come together, and
they do things traditionally as a family," says Vicki Willman, senior ward of St. Mark's Episcopal Church.


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