City of Frederick Considers Social Media Policy

City of Frederick Considers Social Media Policy

City officials in Frederick are currently considering options when it comes to putting information on social media.
FREDERICK, Md. -- City officials in Frederick are still deciding whether or not to get online.

The city is considering a social media policy to allow city officials to communicate with residents on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Some say the idea is one that should've been taken up years ago.

"One message can start with one person and before you know it it's re-tweeted or reposted all throughout, and you'll see all these posts and what not, and they all started from one post really,” said Rob Guthridge of Frederick.

So why not have that post be directly from the source? Well, that's what the City is now debating.

"There are some that are unofficial already for at least the city of Frederick and I'm sure other cities I'm sure it's be a great idea to be a central location for people to get information stuff that's up to date,” said Guthridge.

"Information is always key, information is power and to inform residents in your city of everything happening is great,” said Deirdre George.

Other local agencies, including Frederick County Government, the Frederick County Sheriff's Office and the Frederick Police Department all already use social

The City says organizations affiliated with the City and people using personal pages put forth information that sometimes misinforms the public. They say having their own social media platform would ensure accuracy in communication.

"I think it would be good to have a City Facebook so you can keep up with all the things going on in the City and so you’re not hearing some bias opinions about a bunch of stuff that's going on,” said Morgan Beauchamp, a student in Frederick.

City officials said the social media policy is still being reviewed by the Board of Alderman.



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