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City of Hagerstown & Suns Owner to Meet this Friday

Mayor Gysberts says they have asked Bruce Quinn, majority owner of the Suns, to find a source for private funding and bring it to the table this Friday.
HAGERSTOWN, MD - The City of Hagerstown will have two big home games this Friday. We have the Suns against the West Virginia Power in the evening, but a few hours earlier at 4 pm, the city council will be meeting with the majority owner of the Suns, Bruce Quinn.

Still, it looks like there's still some division among city officials.

"I'm clearly not on the same page as building a stadium downtown, building it without the team, doing so at a cost that we have not identified," says Council Member Kristin Aleshire.

Friday's closed door meeting comes right after city officials in Fredericksburg hit a home run with a unanimous vote to move forward in negotiations with the Suns.

The City of Hagerstown wrote in a release: "The administration is moving forward with building a stadium in the heart of Hagerstown along Baltimore St and Summit Ave."

"Do we have the funding strategy, and the affordability and the public will of our citizenry to do it?" asks Aleshire. "I think the general answers to that have been no. I think that folks have continued to privately strategize how to do it anyway, and I think that's unfair."

Mayor David Gysberts told WHAG last week that city and county funds are "secured" and state funds will depend on the amount of private funding.

Gysberts says they have asked Quinn to find a source to private funding and bring it to the table this Friday.
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