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Community Prays for Preston's Recovery

The Smithsburg community gathered Thursday to Pray for Preston. The prayer vigil was held in honor of Preston Miller, who is now recovering at Shock Trauma in Baltimore.
SMITHSBURG, MD - The Smithsburg community came out to Pray for Preston Miller. The Smithsburg High School student was in a car accident back on July 14 and has been in a coma since.

"It's been almost two steps forward, one step back. He'll progress. Actually start moving his hand or actually responding to some questions from people he wiped his face one day," says T.J. Hood, Preston's track and football coach.
"He had bleeding on the brain, he was very seriously injured so we've been praying The Lord would bring him out of his coma," said Preston's Pastor Tim Crosby.
Those who know Preston best say he's a fighter, and they'll do their part to help him stay strong. They say Preston earned the nickname the machine a few years ago, because of his strength and determination to never give up.
"He even has a cool shirt that says "Machine" on it. Just send the message of positive thoughts and prayers down Preston's way to help him in his recovery. I mean if us coming out here tonight and doing all this helps even a little bit it's well worth it," said Coach Hood.
Preston remains in recovery at Shock Trauma in Baltimore, and the community back at home and around the world is praying for Preston.
"There are people in Brazil, there are people in Nepal, there are people in Ukraine, there are congregations all over the world praying for Preston," said Pastor Crosby.
If you want to help the Miller family during this difficult time, you can contact the Smithsburg High School at (301) 766-8337. The family will hold a fundraiser on Sunday, August 25 at 28 South in Hagerstown to help pay for Preston's medical bills.  
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