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Controversy Boils Between Taxi Companies and Town Officials

Front Royal town officials are still reviewing the proposed ordinance regarding the elimination of sex offenders driving taxi cabs for A-1 Taxi.
FRONT ROYAL, Va. - It has become a heated controversy between the town officials and two taxi cab companies.
The Yellow Cab Company submitted a proposal to the town council in July, hoping officials will make moves to no longer allow A-1 Taxi to hire sex offenders as drivers.
However, it is not just sex offenders. It is also drivers with a criminal history.
"We have received complaints over the years from citizens regarding some of the practices and the ordinance amendments that's been presented to council does remedy some of the issues that our citizens have experienced," said Steven Burke, town manager of Front Royal.
Michelle Foster of Yellow Cab says the town should not have to think twice about this issue.
"I personally would not feel safe getting into a car with someone who has robbed a bank and I'm holding a lot of cash in my pocket. I'm afraid I might not get out with my money," said Foster.
Meanwhile, some town officials do not agree with Foster and say those with past convictions should not matter.
"I'm just not going to judge somebody or at least legally in my position of authority because they've committed a crime and paid the price that society has already checked for someone," said Brett Hrbek, town councilman opposed to the ordinance.
The town manager says he is not in favor of sex offenders driving the taxi cabs. However, he does not believe those with a criminal history should be banned from the job.
"So long as there's no prohibition as far as any parole regarding a criminal conviction. I don't see any problem with an offender operating a business," said Burke.
The town currently does not have a taxi regulation but they are reviewing whether an ordinance should be implemented.
The town council will hold another work session on October 7, 2013 to invite the public to come voice their opinions.
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