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FMH Presents Exhibit in Honor of Black History Month

In honor of February's Black History Month, the Hubert S. Simmons Negro Leagues Baseball Museum of Maryland, put on their most historic memorabilia in baseball history.

FREDERICK, Md. - In honor of Black History Month, Frederick Memorial Hospital presented an exhibit from the Hubert S. Simmons Negro Leagues Baseball Museum of Maryland, inviting a former baseball player to share his nostalgic journey.

Luther Atkinson, 76, says he is not the same ball player he once was, but still believes that age is just a number.

Many remember him as a former baseball player with the Satchel Paige All Stars League back in the 50's.

"Some of the things we had to go through to play the game; that's what was so tough," said Luther Atkinson, former baseball player.

The exhibit highlights the minorities in baseball back in the day, raising awareness of the men's contributions.

"There are some things that have been overlooked over the course of times, so I feel  that it's important for us to respect and admire some of the challenges they went through by our Black and African American citizens," said Janet Harding, director of cultural awareness.

Atkinson says techniques have remained the same but technology has changed a lot of players performances.

"Negro league ball players, they learned a lot and they played what they used to call "Shadow Ball" back in the day, playing without a ball and all kinds of skills to help them excel," said Rayner Banks, Negro League Baseball Museum.

"So many great players are not known because people don't know about them. People know about the superstars but they don't know about their teammates," adds Atkinson.

Atkinson says his favorite baseball teams are the Nationals or the Orioles. He is currently coaching little league players, something he has been doing for approximately 20 years.

Hubert S. Simmons Negro Baseball Museum of Maryland has no formal affiliation with the The Negro Baseball Museum located in Kansas City, Missouri. They offer their own separate traveling exhibition programs. 

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