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Local Narcotics Task Force Arrest Father-Son Dealers

"That happens quite often obviously that dealers aren't just located in Hagerstown. They could be dealing in Frederick or Cumberland or wherever."

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Officers with the Washington County Narcotics Task Force and a special response team executed a search warrant Wednesday on a local home where they found large amounts of heroin, crack cocaine, ecstasy and a stolen gun.

Officials said this is just another example of the growing heroin problem in Hagerstown. So far, they've made 30 drug arrests this month alone and 23 of them were heroin related. In this case, the bust was a joint effort with the Eastern Panhandle Violent Crimes Task Force.

Delano Butler was wanted by police in the Eastern Panhandle for dealing heroin and crack cocaine between Hagerstown and Martinsburg, West Virginia. 

"That happens quite often obviously that dealers aren't just located in Hagerstown. They could be dealing in Frederick or Cumberland or wherever. And they lay their head in one place and deal in another place quite often. So it's not uncommon for us to communicate with other task forces within other jurisdictions," said Sgt. Jim Robison, Director for the Washington County Narcotics Task Force.

While officers were arresting Delano in Martinsburg, members of the Washington County special response team where executing a search warrant at his home at 332 S. Mont Valla Avenue where they found drugs, and a stolen handgun. They also arrested his father, Alan Butler.

"Based on what we found inside of the house, we believe that a lot of the preparation," said Robison. "They were obviously bringing in cocaine in from somewhere and the probably prepping of it was being done about a month out."

Police say the father-son combination came to Hagerstown from Detroit last month, a connection they've never dealt with before.

"But that's the one thing that struck us that’s kind of odd, you know, they're from Detroit," said Robison. "Why are they here? How did they, what brought them here? I don't know, I don't have that answer but that is one thing I'd like to find out."

It's an ongoing investigation but officers say getting these men and their alleged drug operation off local streets is a good thing for our community.

"But I can tell you this since they're in. And if they had been here very long and set up shop, I'm sure they've got friends somewhere so they've probably been bringing their friends through along with them. So we can, you know maybe this way we cut it off at the, from the start so they weren't here that long we know that. So we got them quickly," said Robison.

Neighbors say they were shocked that drug dealers were in their neighborhoods and they're concerned with the growing heroin epidemic in the area.

Officials say if you see anything suspicious or suspect drug related activity in your neighborhood, call the county Narcotics Task Force at (301)-791-3205 or emailing drugtip@washco-md.net.

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